How would breast cancer affect your family?

Apr 23, 2015

Each day 7 New Zealand women are diagnosed with breast cancer. And as May marks the start of Mother’s Day and Pink Ribbon Breakfasts, we’re asking you to take a few minutes to think about what you can do to protect yourself or the special woman in your life – both medically and financially.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women and unfortunately it will affect one in nine New Zealand women over their lifetime. About 2300 women are diagnosed each year with breast cancer and tragically, more than 600 women die of the disease.

It’s easy to think it won’t happen to you, yet over the past 18 months, six of our clients have made trauma insurance claims after being diagnosed with breast cancer. As family advisers in a relatively small town, that’s quite a significant number of cases in our area alone.

While the stats are sobering, there are things we can do to help protect ourselves or the women in our lives from this horrible disease. Medically, early detection and regular screening are crucial, however what’s often overlooked is financial protection. Take a minute to think about it - If your partner or you got diagnosed with breast cancer, what would the financial implications be? How would you cope with extended time off work for both treatment (usually in Palmerston North) and recovery? Who will look after the kids?

As treatment can take months (plus recovery time), the last thing you want to be worrying about at this difficult time is money. From speaking to our clients who have made claims it is apparent that this financial buffer allowed them to take the time they needed to fully recover. 

Trauma cover provides you with a lump sum pay out if you’re diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer. It’s also affordable and you can get $50,000 worth of cover from as little as $23 per month (based upon a female, age 40, non smoker). Given the number of women diagnosed with this horrible illness each year, we believe you need to consider some kind of financial cover – even just a little bit as it will help ease some of the pressure at a difficult time.

We’ll be taking part in a Pink Ribbon breakfast this month and encourage you to do your bit too.

If you’d like to find out more about arranging some financial protection, then feel free to get in touch. We can talk through all the options and find the best solution for you and your family.

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