Midwinter Newsletter

Jul 21, 2016

Dear Viewers,

The current cold snap has inspired us to stay in the warm and prepare another newsletter and put off walking the dog for a wee while.

Life as usual has heaps going on and it seems to be the same for everyone we speak to. We are all juggling too many balls but thankfully some things always carry on as normal, like the All Blacks winning and the UK being in the doldrums.

Please remember that if life has thrown you a curveball recently and you've been tested financially, we are here to help. There is usually a way in which premiums can be managed or revised to enable you to maintain cover when things get tough.

How much do you need to retire on?

This is a question that Mike is often asked and whilst there is no definitive answer the general rule of thumb is 70% of your pre-retirement income

We feel that you can't go too wrong with this figure and  working along side KiwiSaver means that this figure isn't as unobtainable as most people believe. The earlier you start   planning for retirement the better, it comes hurtling towards you faster than you think!

Let us help you see how close you are to achieving your goal and put you on the right track to ensure that you have a well thought out retirement plan.

There is no charge for this service other than a cup of coffee.

Our office will be closed from 7th July to 19th July.....

We are off to Darwin this week to visit our youngest son who has been working there since March. He is working at Crocosaurus Cove and has already been promoted to second in charge of the Reptile department. With it being school holidays next week the timing is right to go and see him.

The other factor is that he will soon be starting his Venomous Snake Handling course so it makes sense to visit now just in case his training doesn't go too well! 

We will be checking Mike's emails so if anything is urgent please do not hesitate to contact us.

It's Amanda's birthday when we are over in Darwin and Mike has thoughtfully offered to treat her to the Cage of Death. Not sure who'd be more terrified the crocodile or Amanda.


Amanda & Mike