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Apr 14, 2016

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Financial planning through life is a bit like planning for an extended road trip across unchartered territory. Some of the road will be smooth, some bumpy and at times extremely difficult to move forward.

At Foresight Financial Planning we help you plan for a secure future whether it’s through personal insurance to ensure everything can still tick over when life throws a spanner in the works. Or, to help you plan so that you can ensure that you can reach your goals for a holiday of a lifetime, kids education, or comfortable retirement.

None of us knows what life is going to throw at us or when it’s going to happen. When it comes to protecting your loved ones, we appreciate that no amount of money can ease the pain of losing someone you love or seeing them battle sickness or disability. However, money can buy you the time to recuperate, care or simply take some time out, if an unfortunate event occurs.

We each have over twenty years’ experience in financial planning and are passionate about offering quality, no jargon advice with a caring and approachable way of doing business. With four children of our own we understand how busy life is and how we just don’t get round to those things that we really need to. We also appreciate how financial needs change over the years, from raising and providing for a young family to suddenly having time to pursue your own plans and dreams. We all have different goals and needs, so we understand that there is never a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Our philosophy is to provide a long term service, so our clients know that they can contact us whether it be regarding reviewing cover, administration or claims etc. Our business stance is to offer tailor-made solutions and we believe that very rarely does one insurance company offer the best product for every type of insurance. As an Authorised Financial Adviser, Mike is able to offer investment advice, including KiwiSaver and we have no contractual obligations to place business through one particular provider. We have always maintained our view on this as we truly believe that you cannot offer ‘Best Advice’ if you only have one insurance company to deal with.

If you have insurances that you don’t understand or know what they do; or they are becoming unaffordable, why not see what ideas we come up with? Similarly, if you need any retirement or investment planning advice, come and talk to us and let us get you on the right road. Remember, it pays to plan with Foresight, not hindsight.

To get in touch with Mike and Amanda, please call (06) 751 4510 or email [email protected] A free disclosure statement is available on request.

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