Putting Foresight Into Personal Finance

Apr 14, 2012


Getting the most out of your money can be a minefield these days.

It seems like there are hundreds of different deals; KiwiSaver providers clamour for savings and there’s a bewildering blitz of insurance and investment products on the market.

What you need is someone who you can talk to. Someone who can see what you need and match you up with products that suit you and get the best return for the funds you put into them. Someone whose finger is on the pulse of insurance and financial planning services.

That someone is two people: Foresight Financial Planning’s team of Michael and Amanda Lay who feel that acting with foresight, is better than looking back with hindsight.

After five years as a co-owner of Horizon Insurance and Investment Brokers, and 26 years in the financial planning profession, Michael (who is an Authorised Financial Adviser) decided he wanted to take a more personal approach to business. He and Amanda built a 54m2 office beside their house in Spotswood and open for business on 1 April.

“We’ve spent weeks juggling the new build and work,” Amanda laughed, “it’ll be great to get down to business again after all the chaos”.

“And its a great business to be in, she adds. Dealing with people, providing personal customer service and building real long term relationships with our clients.”

The first step is for Michael to talk with people to ascertain that they’re getting the best value from their insurances and investments,” she explained. “This comes at no cost to the client.”

“Then he can work out an insurance protection/investment plan to suit their needs and lifestyle…sometimes people have had the same old insurance policy for years…it may be too much….or too little…or have none of the bells and whistles that a newer policy would.”

Michael then explained that he does a personal review to see if their existing cover is adequate for their needs or whether changes should be considered. This does not always mean taking out a new policy but could just be a case of amending existing cover.

“We pride ourselves on our customer service and if a client has any issues, they just have to ring us and we’ll sort it out. This means that we do all the leg work as opposed to our clients spending time on the phone with some insurance company call centre.”

KiwiSaver is one of the many services Foresight Financial offers. “People love it – or hate it,” Michael says, “but it’s a wasted opportunity if you’re not in it.”

The Lays’ children: Kiera (17), Conor (15), Aidan (14) and Ailis (9) are all in KiwiSaver. “Our eldest contributes from her part time job and the others will follow suit,” he added.

“Financial planning is about helping people build for their future and providing protection for themselves and their family.”

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