The First Newsletter of 2017

Feb 15, 2017

Dear Amanda

We thought it was time for the first Newsletter of 2017 and sat and brainstormed a bit for ideas.
Even with the promise of a Joe's Garage chicken burger Amanda really wasn't feeling it.

We remembered though that we had written a poem during one of our silly moments and thought
we should share it with you.

When things go wrong and shit hits the fan
You'll wish that you'd then had a plan
When you're feeling sick or you're encased in plaster
Your life can still be full of laughter
You need to plan along the way
Before your days all turn to grey
We can help you have finances for your family and wife
When you're no longer part of this mortal life
If you have concerns about premiums rising
We can assist you with some great advising
Level premiums may be the way to go
To keep your premiums forever low
Or maybe ensure you'll have money coming in
If you're stuck in hospital feeling grim
The last thing you need is to be full of stress
We'll make sure you're not in a right old mess
If your bones are creaking and need replacing
Do you really want to be on a hospital list wasting-
Your time and money while your health gets worse
Why not get your medical insurer to open their purse
Life throws us things along the way
We hear about cancer every day
If you have trauma cover put in place
You'll then have financial breathing space
Then we get to retirement but still want fun
We no longer have a job, what can be done?
We really don't want to run out of money
A life counting coins would not be funny
Please give us a call to help you plan
Mike really is a friendly man
He'll talk it through and sort it all out
So what was all that fuss about
I'm sure that most of you have seen
That Amanda and Mike make a great team
We care about our clients and do our best
Give us a call and put us to the test!
If financial planning makes you queasy
call Foresight Financial, we make it easy!

As always if you have any questions or concerns or maybe just want a chat and a coffee give us a call.
Also we'll try and come up with something relevant for the next Newsletter.

Kind regards, 

Mike and Amanda