Time for another Newsletter

Sep 21, 2016

Dear Viewers,

We thought that as Spring has sprung it is a great time to bring you up to date on what we have been doing.

We apologise if anyone had difficulty in contacting us recently. We have had Fibre installed and as the technician was just cutting the old copper wire of the exisitng phone line he said "you have been told that you won't be able to receive incoming calls for a while". "Um no", was Amanda's reply although in a somewhat more panicky voice.

The lines are now fully functioning but we did have a quiet few days!

We are also expecting some disruption over the next few weeks as our first grandchild is due to be born the first week in October. Therefore, as soon as we hear that our daughter is in labour we will be dropping everything and rushing up to Auckland. We will be checking emails and mobiles though and can work remotely away from the office.

What should you do if you need to claim on an insurance policy...

The first thing you should do is contact us. Our job is to help you with your claim and the take the pressure off of you at what is usually a difficult and stressful time.

We believe that we can get your claim approved far quicker than if  you have to deal with everything yourself.

On a personal note...

Amanda is concerned that she isn't mature enough to become a grandmother when realising that she can't knit and hates gardening. 

Also Amanda is up in Auckland next week to spend time with Kiera and to take Ailis to a dance show. She will still be working though and checking messages.

However, this means that Mike will be left to his own devices which means chaos will reign. Please bear with him and beep when you see his ute outside one of the many coffee shops in town as he hates being in the office alone. 

This is the complete opposite to Amanda who loves being in the office alone without Mike complicating everything!

We recently held our first seminar on planning for Income in Retirement.

We had a great turnout of over 70 people who were able to learn about how to supplement the NZ Super with investment returns of between 5% and 6.5% per annum, tax paid. 

All whilst still retaining access to their investment and having peace of mind that the agreed income is guaranteed for life regardless of market volatility.

LIVE Magazine

Our next article in LIVE is about how you can implement 'kids only' medical insurance for your children or grandchildren. This is a great option when finances  or pre-existing medical conditions means it isn't feasible for adult cover. The cost for two young kids is less than $6 per week 

As always, if you have any issues or conserns or need our help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Amanda & Mike