Business Protection Insurance

Business Protection

Being the boss can be exciting and rewarding, and as a business ourselves, we appreciate the responsibilities and risks that can come with becoming and staying successful.

Protecting your business against property loss or damage is important, but have you considered the importance of your most valuable asset – yourself and the people you rely on?

Key Person Insurance

Designed to protect a small to medium sized business if a keyperson within the business is no longer able to continue working in that business due to death, total and permanent disabilitycritical illness or accident or sicknesss.

Debt Protection

Provides insurance cover to allow a business to receive a benefit to help pay off any outstanding loans or capital expenses for which a business partner who was forced to exit the business, was a guarantor for.

Shareholder Protection

The absence of shareholder agreements in New Zealand companies is a stumbling block that often results in costly disputes over how private companies are valued, run, grown, or even wound-up.

The main aim of this type of insurance is to ensure the smooth transfer of ownership or winding-up of the business in the event of a shareholder leaving the business upon death, permanent disability or diagnosis of a critical illness or major trauma.

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