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KiwiSaverAre you making the most of KiwiSaver?

Most of us know the benefits of KiwiSaver and what it can provide but you may not actually know if you are making the most of what KiwiSaver has to offer.

KiwiSaver allows you to save on a regular basis and helps you better prepare for your retirement in a way that a regular savings account can't.

We can help you with your KiwiSaver planning in a number of ways including:


We specialise in providing advice about how KiwiSaver can best work for you. We research the market, then explain the options to you, clearly and concisely, before recommending the best solution for you.

Please contact us for more detailed financial advice on the range of products available and which one is best for you.

Contact us today and we will help find the right KiwiSaver scheme for you.

 KiwiSaver Savings Calculator

Check how big your KiwiSaver balance can be and how much you will get per week in retirement by using our KiwiSaver savings calculator.

The KiwiSaver savings calculator shows you how much you may have saved at retirement age based on your continued membership in KiwiSaver and the contribution level you have chosen. It also provides an estimate of the regular income that you could get from the total lump sum in your account. Scroll through the calculator below to enter your details.