Health Statistics that Kiwi's Can’t Ignore

by 2050 the world will face a $400 trillion shortfall in retirement saving
Jan 19, 2017

Summer is often when we all embrace our quality of life, spend more time with family, get outdoors, and in some cases, those of us with a greater moral aptitude even eat better and exercise more!

That's great when you have a choice, but you won’t always have that luxury, when sudden illness or injury strikes, you or your loved one will join hundreds of thousands of New Zealander’s every year that require elective surgery or long term health care and don’t have the privelige of choosing their health provider.

A report from March 2016 (compiled by TNS) on ‘Assessing the demand for Elective Surgery amongst New Zealanders’ provided some scary statistics:

  • 280,000 people have been told they need some form of Elective Surgery
    • 39% are on the waiting list
    • 61% have not made it to a waiting list


  • Of the 61% (i.e. 170,000 people) that are not on the waiting list:--
    • 15% have had to take time off work due to the issue
    • 30% have received unpaid care or assistance, generally from family members or friends
    • 19% have received publicly funded care or assistance

Having medical insurance to cover any unforeseen surgical procedures is the way forward especially as most plans cover major diagnostic procedures such as CT and MRI scans etc.

Health insurnce costs for a family of four with a $4,000 excess (dad aged 43; mum aged 40; two children aged 5 and 3), would be just $20 per week in total. There are lower and higher excess options available.

When the cost of waiting could mean a painful, limited quality of life, $20 a week gives you the peace of mind that should injury or illness occur you’ll get the assistance you need when you need it most, so you can go back to working on your moral aptitude!

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