Aug 4, 2017

Dear Michael 

So we are now half way through the year and the Facebook reminders about how many weeks there are till Christmas have already started to do the rounds!

We always have a business plan for what we want to achieve throughout the year and are now realising that we need to get our skates on if we are going to keep on track.

I'm sure like us, many of you are trying to cram too much into a 24 hour day and and wondering how you can either create more hours in the day or manage to somehow save time, to get that all important work/life balance.


Creating More Time

Everyone who knows Mike knows how much he likes catching up with clients for a chat and a coffee. This is the part of the job that he loves and where he excels - especially on the coffee drinking!

However, in our business every appointment creates volumes of paperwork - where Mike possibly doesn't do as well. Amanda has been nagging Mike for many months that he needs to go paperless (where possible) to avoid the regular occurrence of Mike turning his office upside down looking for a meeting note or application.

Finally, he saw sense and is now trying to complete forms and applications directly on his computer. We still have the issue of him saving paperwork to the correct place but at least Amanda knows it's in the system somewhere!


Working Smarter

We are always trying to improve our systems to enable us to offer the best service we can, as our aim has always been to build long term relationships with our clients.

Now that Amanda has got Mike to see the benefits of working smarter she is continuing to look at alternative ways to make us more efficient. Swapping Mike for a monkey was one of her suggestions,which was turned down.


You Get What You pay For

As we get older we tend to realise that in terms of quality, you do get what you pay for. More expensive shoes have a softer leather, quality steak is more tender and good audio equipment provides a better sound - the list is endless.

Whilst we cannot always afford the best we still weigh up when buying something what value we need from the product long term.

Insurance is no different and when comparing costs it is imperative that you look closely at policy wordings. We have seen instances where people buying insurance direct or from a bank have been caught out through policy limitations and have not had the cover they thought.

It is important that differences between policy comparisons are known to enable you to make an informed choice. Just because a type of cover has the same name, it doesn't necessarily have the same benefits.


Investment Planning

Remember investment planning isn't necessarily about investing wads of money. The slow and steady approach works well, with small amounts over the longer term working well. With KiwiSaver and NZ Super, many people are on the right track for a comfortable retirement. However, a small additional investment can make a real difference to your retirement years.

We all want more from retirement these days, possibly more than previous generations. So use Foresight now to make sure you have options and choices in the future.

We hope you all stay warm for the rest of Winter and have been able to ward off the coughs and colds. Remember, if you have any concerns regarding any insurance matters or would like a review just let us know.

Kind regards

Mike and Amanda