Why Waiting Isn't An Option

Why Waiting Isn't An Option
Mar 22, 2019

You might want to work less, maybe spend time travelling, or simply just enjoying more time with family and friends. Whatever you may want to do in the future, the reality is that your decisions will largely be affected by your health.

I know we’ve covered this before but a recent talk with someone, reiterated why medical insurance is so important. This person runs their own small business from home but is in dire need of hip surgery. Eighteen months in and they are still going through the testing stage and not yet on the actual wait list for surgery. 

In an ideal world, had medical insurance been in place, the tests, surgery and recovery would all have taken place within months of the health issue becoming apparent.

What makes this story so sad is that not only is their quality of life affected with constant pain but that the individual is having to employ extra staff to help with the business due to their mobility being so badly affected. With the extra costs of staff, the business is not so profitable so the reality is that sooner or later, that business will need to be sold or it will have to cease trading.

If you were in that situation, how would you be affected?

Public hospital waiting lists are only going to get longer, that’s a given. However, it is the impact that longer waiting times have on the lives of those who need surgery, which we should consider. Conditions don’t have to be life threatening, it’s the wear and tear joint type injuries which we are seeing as having serious impact on our clients. 

So before you think that medical insurance is too expensive, take a minute to think about what your quality of life could be like without it. Come and have a free, no obligation discussion (and cup of coffee!) with us at Foresight Financial Planning. We can work with you to find some affordable options to protect the health of your entire family and it won’t break the bank!

This article is generic information and not personalised advice.