ACC Advice

If you are self employed or a non PAYE shareholder employee, you can make changes to the standard ACC cover with ACC CoverPlus Extra.

This is an alternative product that lets you negotiate a pre-agreed level of lost earnings compensation. This way you know exactly how much you’ll receive each week if you are injured and can’t work – whether the injury is work-related or not.

If you are unhappy with your ACC levies and want to see if there is a better alternative, we will help you to:

  • Save money by making sure you have the correct classification code
  • Not have to provide financial evidence at claim time
  • Tailor the level of cover for lost earnings to suit your own personal circumstances
  • Have full ACC entitlement even if you are only partially working
  • Maximise your safety discounts (for certain businesses)

If you are new to business and want to look at the best way forward with ACC, we can help you with that too. We will also consult your accountant to ensure you have the right cover for your particular circumstances.

Contact us today and we will advise you on the best ACC cover for you.

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