Private Medical Insurance for Kids – Why it Works

Private Medical Insurance for Kids – Why it Works
Nov 17, 2016

Meet our youngest client Mila, she also happens to be our Granddaughter.

At one month old she has her own health insurance policy, paid for by Grandad but hey, she’s got plenty of time to start paying her own way! You might be thinking why would I do that, surely the public system will take care of her at such a young age?

The main reason why health insurance for children is so important is so that they can avoid public hospital waiting lists if they need surgery.                                                                                                      

New Zealand has a very high rate of kids health issues such as ear, nose and throat conditions. This often means a long wait for surgery on the public system but with private medical insurance, this can be avoided. Whilst glue ear and tonsillitis aren’t life threatening they can cause developmental issues such as speech and learning difficulties if not treated quickly, so why take the risk if you can avoid this by simply forgoing a large cappuccino each fortnight.

Also as Mila doesn’t have any existing health conditions her medical insurance doesn’t have any exclusions for pre-existing conditions, meaning that anything she needs surgery for in the future would be covered. When she reaches adulthood she can convert her cover to her own adult policy, and if she’s anything like her mother, try and convince Grandad that he still wants to pay for it!

So how much is this costing me? A mere $7 per fortnight which is less than a cup of coffee or, if you’re like my wife, a bottle of wine on special.

When it came to having a coffee or ensuring that little Mila received immediate care when needed, the choice was easy.

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