Plan on getting the retirement you want!

Having a happy and fun retirement is achievable whatever your financial situation – but only if you start planning for it. Taking time to create a simple retirement plan now, will make for a happier retirement.

When thinking about your retirement, the question you need to ask yourself is will you be able to afford to do all the things you want?

If you think you’ll be okay because you have a KiwiSaver account, then think again. While your KiwiSaver account will go some way towards funding your retirement, the chances are it will not be enough.

In addition, as the Government faces increasing pressures from our aging population, there is a chance that New Zealand’s Superannuation Scheme may be cut in the future or not available at all.

Creating a retirement plan doesn't have to be hard work

At Foresight Financial Planning, we have the latest retirement software which we can use to help you create a personalised retirement plan. It's totally free and without obligation but we can help you get to where you want to be.

Contact us today and we will help you put a retirement plan in place.

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Make Sure You Outlive Your Savings

You’ve planned for retirement and have funds available to live on when you choose to retire. The next big question is how do you ensure that those funds last during your retirement years? We want to ensure that your money doesn't run out before you do!

Let us help provide you with:

  • A solid retirement plan that will give you the retirement you deserve
  • A regular income (on top of NZ Super) to meet your expenses
  • A plan to ensure your capital continues to grow
  • Not worrying about market volatility and the impact this will have on your income
  • Investment flexibility and access to your capital when you need it

How We Help You Plan for Retirement

It makes sense during retirement that you will spend more in your early retirement years and less in your later years, so any retirement planning needs to account for this.

The aim therefore is to run down your investment capital over your lifetime in a way that provides enough income and capital in each stage of retirement. Our thinking is for you to set up three simple portfolios to cover the short, medium and long term. It's like having three separate buckets each filled with cash but invested differently.

Once you have used up the contents of your short term bucket, the bucket is topped up from the medium term bucket and then the medium term bucket is topped up by the long term bucket. In simple terms, there is a trickle down from each bucket to the next, so that by the time you reach the last stage of life, all that remains, is a short term bucket.