Health insurance - do you need it or don't you?

It's a classic $64,000 question. If you need a hip replacement, non-urgent heart surgery, or a hysterectomy you might well wish you had insurance.

If you get sickor suffer from a chronic condition, the public-health system will help you sooner or later. It's the "later" bit that makes health insurance worthwhile for some people. They want the peace of mind they can get treatment when they need it and not have to wait.

Remeber, the wait can be long for elective surgery - the type of surgery for which most people use health insurance.

Four questions to determine whether you need private medical insurance

  1. Can you afford to put aside savings that are earmarked just for medical bills
  2. If you don't make it onto a public hospital waiting list, can you afford to pay for surgery?
  3. Are you able to take some of the financial risk?
  4. What are your chances of needing major surgery?



How we can help you?

Buying health insurance can be baffling. There are many types of policies out there ranging from those that pay for surgery only to those that offer other additional benefits such as Specialists/Tests, GP Visits and Dental cover.

We can help explain all the different options and find the best solution for your needs - it's what we do!