We can help you get it right

When it comes to investment planning, it pays to get it right. Seeking financial advice is a great way to keep on top of things and get information on the things that perhaps you don't know. Remember, you dont know what you don't know!

As an adviser, we can help you long term, not just today or tomorrow.

Maybe you’re not sure what you need to do or maybe you don’t have the time. Whatever your reasons, using someone like us has some great benefits – from helping you reach your financial goals and future-proofing your finances to tailoring investment products to your unique circumstances.

Why using an adviser is beneficial

Of course we advocate financial advice. A report by Russell Investments '2021 Value of an Adviser Study' estimates that the value of a New Zealand adviser delivering services and value has an estimated contributory value of 4.83%. 

So, if any of the below apply to you, consider talking to us:-

  • you’re time poor and can’t devote time to looking after your finances
  • you’d like to review your finances and develop a financial plan
  • you need advice on retirement, savings or KiwiSaver
  • you want to know how to invest
  • you’d like to plan for a life event, like retirement

How I can add value

The following is my top twn list of how I will add value to you:-

  1. I'll keep you on track to achieve your goals - help you set realistic goals and regularly review your progress
  2. We'll discuss what is do-able for you to save and what method of saving will work for you
  3. Create a plan tailored to you - assess your circumstances; short and long term goals etc
  4. Advise you on investment options - assess what level of risk you are comfortable with; provide diversification
  5. Align your money with your ethics - we have a range of socially responsible and ethical funds
  6. Ensure you are set up for retirement - provide KiwiSaver advice
  7. Provide an objective, impartial view of your finances
  8. Preparing you for what’s coming - having children or grandchildren; saving for university; future retirement
  9. Relieve financial stress - we can help when money is tight
  10. Providing you with the support and knowledge you need to meet your goals