Don't rely on hindsight

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but unfortunately, we don’t have it at the time of making decisions and that’s where using Foresight comes in.

If you want to sort out your life insurance planning, don't let life get in the way. If your health changes before you have a chance to set anything up, you won't get the cover you want. With insurers, any health issues are classed as a pre-existing condition when a new application is being assessed. Pre-existing conditions (depending on the type of cover and severity) can often lead to either an exclusion, premium loading or both, being placed on a policy.

Think of it like car insurance, you can’t take out cover after an accident and expect the insurer to cover repairs.

Protect yourself and your family, over your possessions!

We totally understand how busy life is and we often also fall into the “too hard basket” way of thinking when life gets hectic. Imagine booking a holiday but not doing your travel insurance at the same time. Along comes a new condition, travel plans get disrupted and you’ve no travel insurance? We have recently had our travel plans altered due to this but had no concerns as we took out travel insurance at the time of booking our trip.

Insurance is never going to take the annoyance, pain, disruption, upset or uncertainty away from a negative event happening in your life. However, it does give you options and financial help moving forward.

Some clients who have never claimed say it was a waste of money, however people very rarely say that about their car or contents insurance. Most of us have claimed very little over the many, many years that we’ve been paying premiums for general insurance. It just goes to show our mindset over how little we financially protect ourselves and our family, over our possessions.