6 ways to get more money from KiwiSaver

6 ways to get more money from KiwiSaver
May 2, 2017

Could you be getting more money from your KiwiSaver? Use these 6 easy tips to help you secure a better retirement from your KiwiSaver.

1. Have a plan

Talk to us about your KiwiSaver and what you want to achieve. You may be enrolled but do you know how much Your KiwiSaver will provide in retirement? We can tell

you this and help you plan.


2. Maximise the benefits

KiwiSaver offers some huge benefits so make the most of them.

With Member Tax Credits, the Government will give you up to $521 each year, provided you contribute a minimum of $1,042 before June 30 each year.


3. Choose the correct fund

Choosing the right KiwiSaver fund is vital.

In general, growth funds will produce higher investment returns over time, while conservative funds will provide more moderate returns but have lower risk.

Check how big your KiwiSaver balance can be and how much you will get per week in retirement by using our KiwiSaver savings calculator


4. Check your tax rate

Ensure you are paying the correct tax rate on your KiwiSaver. If you are over paying on your tax rate, you can’t claim it back.


5. Try and save more

Saving an extra 1% of your earnings can make a huge difference to your retirement fund and the reality is, you probably wont even notice. Talk to us to see what difference this can make to you.


6. If you are on a Contribution Holiday…

Do you really need to be or have you simply just forgotten to re-start your contributions?

Why not contact Foresight Financial Planning to get the best KiwiSaver advice. Follow these tips and you’ll see the benefits later. Like so many other financial matters, when it comes to KiwiSaver, knowledge is money.

Now that you are 6 x the wiser, work out what you could be saving with our kiwisaver calculator


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