Christmas Rhyme

Christmas Rhyme
Dec 8, 2017

So, we’ve come to the last edition of LIVE for the year

The Christmas one, the Season of cheer

We’ve taken a different approach this time

Choosing to discuss our topic in words that rhyme


The New Year is a time for resolutions and reflections

Alas though, our lives are not always perfection

We have trials and tribulations along the way

That’s where good financial planning comes into play


The pooling of risk is how insurance grew

People contributing together for the loss of the few

We specialise in people, not objects and things

So, we can insure your health but not

your diamond rings


There’s life cover to protect loved ones, upon your demise

But you’re less likely to die, what a surprise

A critical illness is more likely to come your way

What a cheery thought we hear you say!


And although we can’t stop the proverbial from hitting the fan

We can help by ensuring that you have a good plan

We can advise on life, health, trauma and income protection

Investments and KiwiSaver, what a selection


Retirement planning should not be forgotten

It’s the time of our lives to spoil ourselves rotten

It’s so important to have a retirement plan in place

To keep that smile upon your face


We really don’t want to run out of money

A retirement counting coins would not be funny

Our ethos is personalised service and best advice

We’re both knowledgeable, friendly and really quite nice


So, if financial planning makes you queasy

Call Foresight Financial, we make it easy


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Michael and Amanda

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