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The times they are a-changin'
Jan 7, 2019

I can't confess to being a Bob Dylan fan and in fact, this is the only record of his that I know but the title is very apt as we reach another year's end.
The one constant in our industry is change and this has been highlighted by the recent news that AMP is selling its life insurance business to Resolution Life. AIA have already taken over Sovereign and CIGNA is in the process of finalising its takeover of OnePath Life. This can be a worrying and confusing time for people not knowing who their policies are with or who to deal with if something goes wrong. This is where having a good Adviser comes into play, as they should remain "the constant" in your insurance/investment planning and be your 'go to' person for any help or information you require about your financial planning. We certainly hope that our clients feel that way about us.
Change doesn't have to be bad though and reviewing where we're at and our changing needs and requirements as we go through life, is important. What is right at 20, isn't what you need at 40 and this follows through with our insurance and investment planning. As small business owners we also have to adapt and embrace change, especially over the last few years with social media playing a more important role in advertising and marketing, and the ever growing need to embrace technology to 'streamline' our business, whilst not losing that personal touch.
So, as we say goodbye to this year and welcome in 2019 the one thing we know for certain is that next year will bring changes to us all, some good, some bad.
We have to learn to deal with the punches and whilst insurance planning will not stop sickness, disability and death, it does help with the financial side of things, which in tum gives us confidence, more control, and enables us to make choices moving forward.
Here's to wishing you happy holidays and safe travels and remember, if you ever need help to plan with Foresight, give us a call! To get in touch with Mike and Amanda, please call (06) 7 51 4 510 or email [email protected]
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